Tragedy strikes Brownsville, Texas: 8 killed and several injured as a car crashes into pedestrians at a bus stop, alleged driver in custody.

Tragedy struck Brownsville, Texas, on Sunday morning when a argentine Range Rover crashed into a machine stop, killing 8 killed and several injuring nine others.

8 killed and several injured where a car ran into pedestrians near Ozanam Center

The incident happed at around 830a.m. near the Ozanam Center, where people were staying for the machine.

The police have a manly suspect, a occupant of Brownsville, in guardianship, who’s entering medical care. The suspect is being held in megacity jail, but he’s not speaking to the authorities. The FBI is probing the crash to determine whether it was an purposeful act or an accident.

They’re also trying to determine if there was a domestic violent revolutionist motive behind it.

The FBI is working in confluence with original and state investigators, but they aren’t leading the disquisition. Some of the people who were hit by the auto on Sunday were settlers, according to Martin Sandoval, Brownsville Police PIO.

The settlers were under the care of border command, the police said. At this point, the investigators haven’t determined whether the crash was a deliberate act targeting the victims because of their perceived immigration status or an accident.

A police officer is consoled in Brownsville Texas

The motorist of the vehicle is presently in the sanitarium, being treated under 24- hour guard watch. The police are testing him for alcohol and medicine use, but they’ve not reflected on a possible motive or whether the crash was purposeful. The American Civil Liberties Union released a statement on Sunday, expressing their grief for the victims and calling for an disquisition.

Brownsville police confirmed seven people are dead and multiple-hospitalized

They said,” This terrible event comes after weeks of raisinganti-immigrant policy- making by Texas politicians and while the Biden administration considers assessing a new shelter ban aimed at inhibiting, rather than drinking , settlers seeking protection.”

The Department of Homeland Security has also released a statement, offering condolences and support to the original leaders. Secretary Mayorkas has been briefed on the situation and is in close touch with original authorities to give backing.

The tragedy in Brownsville has left the community devastated, and the disquisition into the incident is ongoing.

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