Due to a seat belt issue, Tesla is recalling almost 16,000 of its 2021–2023 Model S and Model X vehicles

Tesla is recalling almost 16,000 of its 2021–2023 Model S and Model X vehicles are being examined because some superb view belts may not have been properly reconnected following repair.


Due to a seat belt issue : Tesla is recalling 2021–2023 Model S and Model X vehicles

Tesla is reviewing almost 16,000 of its 2021-2023 Model S and Model X vehicles since some fantastic view belts might not have been reconnected appropriately in the wake of being fixed.

As a feature of a crucial stage to carry out maintenance, Tesla claimed in its well-being review report, a first-line safety belt in the vehicles was released from its pre-tensioner anchor. The safety belt may, however, not have been correctly linked to its pre-tensioner anchor following the maintenance.

That’s what the organization said if the safety belt isn’t reconnected appropriately, it may not proceed as it should in a crash, which might expand the gamble of injury.

U.S. roadway wellbeing controllers opened an examination concerning conceivable Tesla safety belt issues in Spring.

As of June 19, Tesla has recognized 12 guarantee claims connected with the issue, however, the organization doesn’t know about any accidents, wounds, or passings that might be connected with the safety belt issue.

Owners of automobiles involved in the review will get notice letters. When necessary, Tesla said it will conduct free inspections and connect both first-line safety belts to their pre-tensioners. The safety belt assembly will be replaced with nothing if it cannot be properly connected to the pretension anchor.

Camera Issue

Tesla likewise declared it’s reviewing more than 1,300 on the off chance that its 2023 Model S, Model X, and Model Y vehicles are in view of a camera issue.

The organization said in its review report that on certain vehicles, the pitch point of the front-oriented cameras may not be adjusted appropriately, which might cause specific dynamic security elements to be inaccessible, including programmed crisis slowing down, forward crash advance notice, and path keeping help, without making the driver aware of their inaccessibility.

Drivers depending on inaccessible elements could expand the gamble of a crash, the organization said.

Clients can carry their vehicles to Tesla for a free review, and they will change the camera point where important.

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