Manipur violence: The state government must provide the Supreme Court with a “detailed status report”

When speaking on behalf of the Kuki groups, Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves stated that although it had been promised at the previous hearing that manipur violence was declining, it was actually “hugely accelerating” opposite.

Manipur Voilence

The Manipur administration was requested by the Supreme Court on Monday to provide an “updated status report” on the “situation on the ground” that would include information on the actions taken for rehabilitation, the return of weapons, and the improvement of law and order in the state, which has been the scene of ethnic manipur violence since May 3.

The Manipur government’s Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta, stated that “the situation is improving, albeit slowly,” and he asked for more time to submit an updated status report. The bench set July 10 as the next date for hearings, which were presided over by Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud.

“Let’s hear the SG’s most recent status report. We’re not delaying it for a very long period. Therefore, we’d like to know what actions have been taken locally. Give us a thorough status update, the CJI commanded.

The state of Manipur should submit an updated status report documenting the actions done and outlining the current situation, according to the Solicitor General’s suggestion. The order was issued by the bench, which also included Justices P S Narasimha and Manoj Mishra.

“Give us a detailed affidavit under every head, just tell us what steps have been taken – rehabilitation camps, recovery of arms, law, and order,” the Chief Justice of India commanded.

The “International Meitei Organisation” has claimed that militant organization members who have signed the suspension of operations agreement with the Center may also be involved in the violence and may be supplying assault rifles and sniper rifles. The court also ordered the SG to “take specific instructions” regarding these claims.

“I might or might not mention it in my report, but I’ll obey orders. Because a source (for the arms) other than the one mentioned is possible, Mehta said.

The SG informed the court that the deployment included 114 companies of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), 184 Army columns, and commandos from the Manipur Rifles. He stated there are currently 355 operational humanitarian camps. He said that the curfew was now only in effect for five hours each day. So there has been progress, he remarked.

Mehta advised the attorneys representing various Kuki organizations to refrain from putting a negative social perspective on the incident, noting that “human beings are being dealt with.”

When speaking on behalf of the Kuki groups, Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves stated that although it had been promised at the previous hearing that violence was declining, it was actually “hugely accelerating” opposite.

The speaker said that “two fully armed militant organizations are killing tribals.”Their leaders appeared on television and swore to exterminate the Kukis. Kill the Kukis and expel them from the hills, according to their Facebook (pages). No FIR has been filed, and no one has been arrested. These are state-sponsored institutions, he said.

“These Meiteis, the strong groups, are killing the Kukis…” Instead of fighting, the Kukis are defending their villages. Armed Meitei groups are trespassing and coming to set things on fire. Then a sizable group of women congregates, stopping the Army. “We are not permitted to carry out our responsibility and defend the people who are being attacked, according to two press releases from the Army,” he stated.

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